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Manitoba Storm Chasers

Weather Stories


Portage La Prairie- Manitoba Storm Chasers

Freezing Rain Shuts down Trans-Canada Highway, Puts multiple Vehicles in Ditches across Manitoba

Many Residents in Western Manitoba woke up to Ice covered vehicles Saturday as an Alberta Clipper system brought freezing rain across the province Saturday morning into the afternoon.

Rain quickly formed ice on untreated surfaces like power lines, Tree Branches, Vehicles, sidewalks, and roads. Highways quickly became slippery causing many vehicles to slide off the roadways into ditches Including this Semi that was seen with its trailer in the ditch on Highway 26 near High Bluff around 1:30 pm. 

The freezing rain continued its way east throughout the late morning and early afternoon and by 1 pm Trans-Canada highway was closed between Highway #16 and Headingly, followed Soon after, by Highway #26 being closed from Portage La Prairie to Highway #1, Many other highways were marked as partly or fully covered by ice but remained open.

Highway #1 re-opened around 5 pm followed by Highway #26 opening around 6 pm.

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Publisher- Jordan Carruthers

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