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Manitoba Storm Chasers

Chasing The Most Extreme Weather In North America 

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This Website Is Outdated.. Please check out our new website at

About Us

Manitoba Storm Chasers is a team of Storm Chasers based out of Manitoba, Canada. Founded in 2007 by Storm Chaser- Jordan Carruthers, with the goal of reporting and documenting North America's most severe weather, From the Canadian Prairies to the Mexico border You will find us under any severe weather! 

Our team is fully trained and certified in Emergency First Aid and CPR and carries first aid kits and other emergency equipment at all times to make sure we are ready to help when disaster strikes. 

We are also the founders of Vorticity Storm Tours and offer Storm Chasing tours across Canada and The USA.

2020 Season Highlights

How To Book Your Tour

1. Head over to our Tours Website.

2. Click on your desired tour (Canadian or Tornado Alley)

3. Fill out the required information and purchase.

4. We will send you a tour agenda and all other important information via Email.

5. Book your arrival/departure flights to the base city listed on your tour.

8. Notify us of your flight itinerary no later than 14 days before you arrive.

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